Last stake comedy is a video dedicated to the cleaning market and I want to I want to deepen the speech on this market publishing a brief insight into the UL Hospital Grade plug, which is realized firstly for the Healht Care Market but for its features it is a strategic product for the professional cleaning applications.
UL Hospital Grade plug provide additional features to Patelec product range, such as:

1_ it will be suitable to customers which require stronger mechanical resistance of the ground pin
2_ this plug will let Patelec to supply 15A 125V power cords with 12AWG section which is interesting for long cords rated 15A
3_ this plug will let Patelec to supply 15A 125V illuminated plug (green illumination) to visually show that the plug is connected to a socket with line

In April 2017, We have extended the cable range to ST series ( 600 Volt rated PVC cable) for the conductor dimensions 3×18 – 3×16 – 3×14
ST cable is a preferred cable for application where the cable have to withstand mechanical friction and wet environment, such as industrial cleaning equipment.