Anonymous (wrongly attributed to Sun Tzu, “Master Sun’s Military Methods” or “The Art

of War”, 孫子, 孫子兵法 / 孙子兵法).

Here we are again, Patelec-Elpena won the Gazele Bizenesu (Business Gazelles) award for the second consecutive year

Confirming that last year it was not a simple fluke, this year again Patelec-Elpena received the prestigious award that certifies the goodness of all the effort undertaken in these last years by Patelec Group’s management and Patelec-Elpena’s management, Management Patelec Grouptogether with the precious and fundamental support of all employees and workers: many crucial resources, a single commitment.

Management and production, in addition to the fundamental contribution of the overall departments staff & heads, allowed to fully confirm themselves and to respect and accomplish the strict requirements/criteria that characterize the assignment of this award.

And to succeed in this confirmation, in this “bis in idem“, as the Latins loved to say in their brocardi, it was not a simple feat.

Indeed, we are talking about an award that includes, among others, the following assignment criteria:

  1. Company started activity before 2013 and continue up to today.
  2. In the time frame 2014-2016 company didn’t notice any financial loss.
  3. Company turnover was between 3 – 200 m PLN.
  4. In the period 2014-2016 turnover growth was achieved.
  5. Company had to be under check and analysis of audited financial statements from last 3 years.

The award is assigned by the editorial board of “Puls BiznesuGazele Bizenesu (Business Gazelles)daily and company Coface PolCFO Patelec Elpenaand, and it represents the most popular and oldest combination of the most dynamically developing small and medium enterprises. The project is implementedy economic dailies belonging to the Bonnier publishing group. In Poland, the ranking is prepared by the daily “Puls Biznesu”, since 2000. Similar comparisons are made by its counterparts from Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Slovenia. The selection criteria for Gazelles in individual countries are adapted to local economic conditions, but the goal is the same everywhere: promoting small and medium-sized enterprises.

And Elpena did not miss such challenge and got the right results in raniking in order to reflects the good reputation and credibility of the company and overall the Group Patelec. Better written, our good reputation and credibility, our investments, our strategies, all the HRs and our extremely dynamic development, that this award again has certified for the second consecutive year, allow us to show that we can cope well even with much all of our competitors, even if larger.

So, for sure, thanks to this award we can say: opportunities multiply as they are seized.