In Dutex s.r.l. Patelec produces customized wire harnesses, cords and cable assemblies with simple finishing  as  faston and housing, shrink tubing, clamps, inductors, resistors, or even complex assemblies.


Wires could be single or doubled:

  • SINGLE: max 2 terminals, of any type if in rolls
  • DOUBLE: max 3 terminals, of any type if in rolls.
    • Possibility to insert automatically n° 2 faston housing (F.F. 6,3  e/o F.F. 4,8)
  • Length from 75mm
  • Working  wire section between 0,25 mmq and 10 mmq
  • MOQ 100 Mt of cable
  • Possibility to work with wires in PVC, rubber, silicon, thermoplastic
  • Full color range available

Cable Sets

  • Length from 500 mm
  • Usual working length from 1000 mm to 3000 mm
  • It is possible to work cables with external diameter from Ø min 3,00 to Ø max 17,00
  • Min  type of cable  2×0,14 mm2- Max type of cable  3×6 mm2  e/o 5G2,50 mm2
  • Max external diameter 14 mm (TG3) e 18 mm (TG4)
  • The cable sets can be finished with terminals or by the addition of strain relief, cable glands, or other components requested by the customer.


The typical harness is the combination based on customer drawing of different wires, cords or cable sets.

The harness can be completed by the presence of one or more components like sheaths, splicing and terminal devices, switches, special and standard assembled plugs and connectors.


Our internal vertical production, from copper rod to cords, ensures full quality control. The integrated process enables us to serve the market with the highest flexibility in terms of batch sizes per plug and cable type.

Our quality system and our environmental management system are certified in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Our large range of worldwide homologation supports customers in their global export.

Patelec offers customized connection system for specific industrial, professional and consumer applications.

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