Patelec is the perfect global partner for your company: we offer a full range of cordsets in terms of customer final applications and world homologation to support our customers export, serving different plants located worldwide, with a full control of the manufacturing process and the quality system.

Indeed, the competitive strength of Patelec is the verticality of the production processes, to ensure the full quality control, from copper to power cords, with an important production capacity but also high flexibility in the logistic management of the finished product.

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Our internal vertical production, from copper rod to cords, ensures full quality control. The integrated process enables us to serve the market with the highest flexibility in terms of batch sizes per plug and cable type.

Our quality system and our environmental management system are certified in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Our large range of worldwide homologation supports customers in their global export.

Patelec offers customized connection system for specific industrial, professional and consumer applications.

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