PVC Cables

PATELEC includes in its products several types of Harmonized, and not only, low voltage multicore PVC cables (300/500 V – 450/750 V):

  • UL, Australian, Chinese, Japanese Standards (SPT, SV, SJ, VCTF);
  • Light, Ordinary and Heavy Duty (VV, VVH2, VCT, VCTFK, V-90- H.D.);
  • Outdoor, Oil & Water-resistant (SJTW, SJTOW);
  • Heat Resistant (V2V2, V2V2H2);
  • Rectractil cords cables (VVH8, VVH2H8);
  • Flexible and Extra flexible versions- Class 5 and Class 6;
  • Customized cables for specific application.
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Rubber Cables

PATELEC offers also a wide range of Harmonized, and not only, LOW VOLTAGE MULTICORE RUBBER CABLES (300/500 V – 450/750 V):

  • UL, Australian and Chinese Standards (SV, SJ);
  • Light, Ordinary, Heavy (RR, RN);
  • Outdoor, Oil, Water resistant & Water Immersion (RN, RN8, SVO, SJW, SJO, SJOW, SOOW);
  • High Flex & Extreme Heavy Duty APPLICATION (Patent);
  • Heat Resistant (BN4, BB, GG);
  • Flexible and Extra flexible versions- Class 5 and Class 6;
  • PAH FREE versions.
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BQ Cables

Patelec also have available polyurethane cables

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How we create our core bussiness

Our internal vertical production, from copper rod to cords, ensures full quality control. The integrated process enables us to serve the market with the highest flexibility in terms of batch sizes per plug and cable type.

Our quality system and our environmental management system are certified in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Our large range of worldwide homologation supports customers in their global export.

Patelec offers customized connection system for specific industrial, professional and consumer applications.

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