Leader in supplying this market, our customer appreciate our logistic organization combining cords imported from our Chinese 100% factory (Patelec Ningbo) with easy back up possibilities from Europe. We can produce the same Chinese product in our Polish factory (Patelec Elpena) even covered by same approval certificate.

Our wide range of products support our customer’s worldwide export, by manufacturing it in the Far East or in Europe, when the visibility and batch size does not allow a long term planning.  Our strategic localization serves different plants located worldwide with full control of the manufacturing process and quality system, also granted by our integrated manufacturing process. The integrated process enables us to serve the market with the highest flexibility in terms of batch sizes per plug and cable type reducing the MOQ in case of small runners.

Our customer can also take advantage of our frequent transport stream between our companies and countries.

In order to increase our commercial presence in this market we are developing also our connectors range specific for hoods.


Local Sales Network to Be Global